Peter Mollica was born in Newton, Massachusetts in 1941. From 1964 through 1975 he studied stained glass craft and design, beginning with a 4 year apprenticeship to Christy Rufo in Somerville, Mass. Other studies included travel to England, France, Germany and Denmark to see ancient and modern European windows, and a design workshop with Ludwig Schaffrath.

In 1968 Peter and his wife Judy moved to California and set up his studio making commissioned and non-commissioned stained glass. Their daughter, Jennie, was born in San Francisco in 1970.

With the help of writer Norm Fogel and photograher Charles Frizzell he authored and published STAINED GLASS PRIMER: a handbook of stained glass technique in 1971. In 1972, they produced STAINED GLASS PRIMER, VOL.2: advanced techniques and annotated bibliography in 1977. In 1981 Peter published a Japanese language edition of STAINED GLASS PRIMER.

1988 and 1993 brought collaborations with three other glass artists. He fabricated two clerestory windows designed by Rowan LeCompte for the Washington Cathedral, Washington, D.C.. He fabricated 64 laminated glass panels designed by Ed Carpenter for the Oakland Federal Building, Oakland, CA.. Since 1988 KC Lewis has been doing the lead fabrication for all of Peter's designs.

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